Iceland - Land of Ice and Fire

Rosie Vare

A new BBC documentary explores the dramatic landscape, resourceful people and diverse wildlife of Iceland.

Iceland – Land of Ice and Fire follows the lives of some of the country's most famous animals, including the arctic fox, eider duck and Icelandic horse as well as the people who work with them.

However it's not just the wildlife that takes centre stage, the breath-taking scenery of the Westfjords, the valleys of Kolbeinsdalur and the Bardabunga volcano are also featured.

The documentary also follows the lives of Icelanders who make the most of their country's resources without impacting the environment.

One such local is Thor the traditional Eider farmer. As well as undertaking the painstaking process of trawling the Eider ducks' nest for fresh Eider, he also helps to hatch the eggs that are struggling – rearing them until they are ready to re-join the wild.

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