Classic F1 driver bump-starts Maserati during race

Maserati 250 F

For most people, bump starting a car will invoke memories of a group of friends pushing a rusty Fiesta across a car park, in an attempt to get it started despite its flat battery/busted alternator.
If you find yourself in this position, take comfort in the fact that it's not just your clapped out banger that needs starting in this way – it's a great way of restarting an ultra-rare classic F1 car, too.

The car in question is in fact a Maserati 250 F – the 50s Grand Prix car of which only 26 were ever made. Taking part in the 73rd Member's Meeting at Goodwood circuit, driver Simon Diffey spun the camera after overcooking a corner, leaving it stalled on the side of the track.

While this predicament would leave a modern-day F1 driver sulking – and probably treating his pit crew to a few choice expletives – Diffey wasn't about to see his race undone by his car not starting, and simply rotates the rear left wheel by hand until he builds up enough momentum for the engine to catch.

As soon as it's fired, he gives the car everything, and quickly manages to gain the lost ground on his opponents. You can check out the on-board footage of the bump start below.

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