David Brent-style texts forced me out, claims Subway worker

Emma Woollacott
Declan McCurdie who has quit his job at Subway in Ayr due to text messages receive, sent by his boss.
Declan McCurdie who has quit his job at Subway in Ayr due to text messages receive, sent by his boss.

A Scottish teenager says a string of bizarre and aggressive text messages from his boss led him to quit his job at the Ayr branch of sandwich chain Subway.

Declan McCurdie (pictured), 17, claims that hisshop director was a bully whose abuse 'did more harm than good'.

In one message reminiscent of The Office's David Brent, his boss allegedly told Declan: "You were c**p last week. This week you are the toilet paper! Much better effort. But still slow as a week in jail. Get to bed early."

In another, he has a pop at the young man's appearance, writing: "Lose the silly beard thing, it's bum fluff! The weight will drop soon. Wait till a proper Saturday shift."

But the last straw came when Declan received a text reading: "Do not answer back. You are a child, we are trying to make you a man. If I hear this happening again... bye bye and good luck."

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He decided to quit the job, but wanted to make his feelings plain to his boss first.

"You are a bully, you clearly have no people skills. I have repeatedly put up with your immature and abusive texts. I have remained calm and continuously tried to improve myself to you," he wrote.

"I have logged every single text you have sent me from the start and I'm going to take this further."

Declan tells the Daily Record that the experience was particularly upsetting as this was his first job.

"I probably was a bit slow because I had to learn the ropes, but I was getting there and was trying my best," he says.

And on the restaurant's Facebook page, another ex-employee says he had a similar experience.

"He used to text me all the time calling me toilet roll and asking if my dug ever got a peak of me when I jumped oot the bath," writes Paul Main.

"Big man doesnae talk to me anymore right enough said I'm too much of a weirdo and a clatty bastard to be working with food."

Subway says it plans to investigate.

According to research from the TUC, 14% of people say they've been bullied at work. While Declan's response is perfectly understandable, it's usually best to follow formal complaints procedures first. If this fails, the next step is an employment tribunal. There's government advice here.

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