Woman torches car over cigarette snub

Petrol station fire

A woman in Jerusalem has been filmed setting fire to a car at a petrol station, after the driver would not give her a cigarette.
The astonishing footage, which you can view below, shows the woman approaching a man who is filling his car. After a very brief exchange, in which the driver later reported that he had been asked for a cigarette, the woman can be seen turning to walk away, her request apparently refused.

However, as soon as the man returns his attention to the fuel pump, the woman sneaks up behind him, and with a quick flick of a cigarette lighter, ignites the fuel nozzle.

In a panic, the man quickly extracts the hose from his car, resulting in burning fuel spilling out all over the forecourt, and quickly engulfing the hatchback in flames. Thankfully no-one was injured.

Police in Jerusalem later caught up with the woman and arrested her on suspicion of starting the fire.

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