The Sun comes out for Tories and SNP


David Cameron's final-week push for votes was given a boost as The Sun declared its support and urged readers to vote for the Conservatives at the General Election.

The newspaper, which dramatically switched to the party in 2010 after years of backing Labour under Tony Blair, said in an editorial that Britain would be "plunged into the abyss" if Labour took power with the support of the SNP.

In a nod to the imminent arrival of a royal baby, its front page showed the PM's face on a swaddled new-born under the headline "It's a Tory" - and said only his party could keep the economy on track, "stop the SNP running the country" and guarantee an EU referendum.

Readers tempted to vote Ukip were warned that "brings a Labour/SNP nightmare closer by eroding Tory chances".

But The Sun's sister paper north of the border backed the Scottish nationalists, who polls put on course to make huge gains at Labour's expense.

The Scottish Sun has announced its support for the SNP in next week's General Election saying the party will "fight harder for Scotland's interests at Westminster".

In a front page along a Star Wars theme the headline reads "Stur Wars" and Nicola Sturgeon is portrayed as Princess Leia.

In a front page editorial, the newspaper urges reads to back the SNP, saying: "Scotland voted No but there can be no doubt the Referendum changed the nation.

"And today The Scottish Sun urges our readers to continue that change and vote for Nicola Sturgeon's SNP on May 7.

"We believe the Nats will fight harder for Scotland's interests at Westminster. offering a new hope for our country.

"Nicola has been the star of the election campaign north and south of the border."

The Scottish Sun did not back either side in the referendum debate last year but it supported the SNP at the 2011 Scottish parliament election.

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