Amateur track day shows car control at its worst

Track day idiocy

Watching professional racing drivers at the wheel, whether it be on Grand Prix weekends, or on the plethora of sports car promo videos on YouTube, there's a common factor: just how easy they make driving a car in anger look.
But it isn't easy. Setting fast laps requires not only an intimate knowledge of the car and circuit, but also years of experience, which will keep a pro out of the Armco when things go twitchy.

As if to prove this point, this video from a recent track day at the Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire, shows the carnage that occurs when amateurs try to emulate their racing heroes.

Watch and wince as drivers slew across the track, spin off and generally show abysmal car control. Special mention to the red Ford Fiesta driver: You've come into the corner far too fast, lost all traction, but you've still kept the throttle pinned to the floor. We (and your local bodyshop) salute you.

Check out the action below.

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