Ocado to become first supermarket to sell goat kid meat

Rosie Vare
Smiling goat
Smiling goat

Ocado is set to become the first high-profile UK supermarket to start selling goat kid meat.

The online retailer will be catering for Britain's increasing taste for the meat, which looks like it might overtake lamb in the popularity stakes soon, the MailOnline reports.

In the past, goat meat was only really available in ethnic butchers, but it has seen a sharp increase in sales recently and The Guardian even named it as one of their hottest food trends for 2015.

But, why has goat become some popular in a nation where we're known for not being the most adventurous with our food?

The Telegraph reports that goat meat accounts for 10 per cent of the meat eaten around the world, although that hasn't always been reflected in the eating habits of British people.

Trade magazine The Grocer said: "Goat is eaten by more than 70 per cent of the world's population, goat meat is big in the Caribbean, loved by the Nepalese and enthusiastically curried in India."

Kid meat tends to be a lot sweeter than goat meat and is healthier too with half the amount of fat of chicken.

Founder of St John's restaurant in Spitalfields, Fergus Henderson spoke to the Telegraph about goat meat, saying: "It braises fantastically, grills like a joy and roasts splendidly. People are always looking for something new but here its ascendency makes sense - it is delicious, and roast leg of goat particularly so. It is puzzling why it is overlooked."

Senior buying manager for Ocado, Andrew Ayres, told The Grocer: "We are in the early stages of adding goat meat to our range as we have seen this as a big trend coming out of the UK's top restaurants."

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