Mum with terminal cancer asks strangers to crowdfund her wedding

Sarah Coles
Family crowdfunding for a wedding
Family crowdfunding for a wedding

Courtney Terry, a 27-year-old mum from south east London, has a rare form of kidney cancer. She had planned to get married to her long-term boyfriend in November, but her medical team advised her to bring the date forwards, as by then she may not be well enough for a ceremony. In desperation, her family has been forced to turn to strangers to help her afford a wedding in time - and they have been stunned by the reaction.

Courtney has been battling the disease since she was 19. She thought she had beaten it, and in 2009 was well enough to have a daughter, Dolcie. But while she was pregnant, she was told the cancer had returned, and she recently heard that all the possible treatment options have been exhausted: the cancer is terminal.

Throughout it all she has had her partner Billy Webb by her side. Her family describe him as 'her rock', and in November 2013 Billy proposed.

They had planned to get married this November, but have been told that she may be too ill by then. Her family desperately wanted to arrange a dream wedding, but there was no time to save the kind of money they needed.

They explained: "They had a dream for a fairytale wedding to provide an extra special positive memory for Dolcie, Billy and their families and are now concerned this may not be able to happen due to financial pressures of organising a wedding at such short notice."

So her family decided to ask for help, and set up a crowdfunding page.

They have been overwhelmed by the response, and by the time of writing they had raised £19,616 of their £20,000 goal. Many of those who have donated to the cause commented on how her story had moved them. Some had family members who had passed away after suffering kidney cancer, while others identified with her as a mother, and wanted to do whatever they could to help.

The family member who set up the page, commented: "I am so overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and help. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart."

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