The Fixer: suitcase problem resolved

Jess Bown

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Dear Fixer,
I recently went on a work trip to America, flying with Virgin Atlantic.

I noticed that my Rimowa suitcase had been damaged on the return flight on arrival back in London, but as I had an important meeting to attend that morning I decided to sort it out later on that afternoon.

However, when I called Virgin to complain about the damage and request compensation of some kind, I was told that I could not make a claim because I had failed to report the damage before leaving the baggage hall.

I have European, but not international travel insurance, and I do not want to have to claim on my company policy as I have only recently started in this job.

It's annoying though, as I only bought the case a couple of months ago. Can you help?

J Peters, Brighton

Dear Ms Peters,

Unfortunately, Virgin is within its rights to refuse your claim for damaged baggage as that claim was not reported while you were in the baggage hall - even though you reported it later that day.

However, Rimowa's agents in the UK - K2 Global Limited - have agreed to send you the part you need to repair your case free of charge as it is still under warranty.

It should arrive within the next week or so and you should be able to fit it yourself.

The Fixer

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