Get Amazon orders delivered to your Audi

Amazon to Audi delivery

Do you constantly find yourself missing deliveries? Do you wait all day for couriers to turn up only for them not to show, or worse, pop a 'sorry we missed you' card through the door without even ringing the bell? Online retailer Amazon has teamed up with luxury carmaker Audi to make missed deliveries a thing of the past – if you drive one of its cars, that is.
Working in collaboration with DHL, 'Audi Connect easy delivery' will see Amazon Prime members be able to have their orders delivered straight to the boot of their car, and they don't even to be there.

Instead of giving a fixed address when placing an order, drivers of internet connected Audis will simply be able to give the approximate location of their car at the date and time of delivery. This will generate a single-use access code that a delivery driver can use to open the vehicle's boot.

Once the goods are placed inside and the boot closed, the car locks itself and the delivery is marked as complete.

The system is currently being trialled in Germany, and could be rolled out in other markets should it prove successful.

"With comprehensive connectivity, we are transforming the car into a service device and integrating it even more closely into the everyday lives of our customers," said Luca de Meo, board member for Audi Germany.

"Audi connect easy delivery helps save time and offers more convenience and flexibility – advantages that are increasingly important for the target group of a premium brand."

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