Nando's manager 'addicted' to new underpants

The manager of a Bristol branch of Nando's has finally kicked a bizarre compulsion - to wear a new pair of Calvin Kleins every day.

Curt Almond, 26, says the habit began when he realised his partner was wearing the same underwear for three days whenever he stayed over at the weekend.

"Eventually I ended the relationship and, as a way of getting over them, I started wearing a fresh pair of boxers every day," he tells the Mirror.

"I treated myself to really nice Calvin Klein ones. It always felt great to slip into a crisp pair. It got to the point where I didn't feel comfortable unless I was wearing a new pair."

But after a while, the cost became too much to cope with, and Almond moved back in with his mother - doing his own washing, so that his mother never found out.

"Luckily she never looked through my bin - it was full of boxers that I had only worn for one day at a time and then just thrown away," he says.

But when his mother increased the rent, he was forced to start buying budget boxers - including a job lot printed with the words 'jingle bells'.

He's now kicked the bizarre addiction - although he says it felt strange wearing used pants at first.

"Eventually, I started to rationalise it by telling myself that it was only me that had worn these boxers and I'm a hygienic person so they must be fine," he says.

The fear of dirty clothing is known as automysophobia, and can be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It can be treated with anti-anxiety medication or therapy, particularly cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Patients are encouraged to face their obsessive thoughts without caving into them.

"Although this sounds frightening, people with OCD find that when they confront their anxiety without carrying out their compulsion, the anxiety does eventually improve or go away," says the NHS.

As for Mr Almond, he says he still occasionally treats himself to a new pair; just not too often. A part-time actor and model, he says on his StarNow profile: "I love trying anything once." Not pants, though - not any more.

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