Seventies car colours making a comeback

Jensen Interceptor R

You may have thought they were resigned to the history books like flares and platform shoes, but the colours of 70s cars are making a comeback, as buyers break away from the conservative hues that have dominated the sales charts in recent years.
Data compiled by car market analyst CAP has shown that four archetypal 70s colours – green, beige, yellow and gold – are enjoying a resurgence with buyers, who are favouring them over the ubiquitous silver or grey.

CAP has compiled a top 10 list of the most popular colours, based on more than 25,000 visits to its vehicle-valuation website, of which the unusual colours have featured prominently.

Furthermore, colours such as orange, brown and purple are also proving popular, ranking just outside of the top 10 list.

CAP consumer specialist, Philip Nothard, told The Independent: "Evidence that a significant number of people are trying to find brown cars to buy would have seemed crazy just a few years ago, but they are.

"You can't underestimate the power of 'retro chic' in consumer taste."

The resurgence of 70s colours appears to be part of a wider trend, with fashions such as bell bottoms and poodle perms being seen once more.

However, preferences in car colour tends to be cyclical, explained professor Stephen Westwood, of Leeds University: "Many of those [buying cars today] might not be so old as to remember brown and cream cars," he said. "So maybe those colours have lost the negative connotations and started to appear fresher," reports The Independent.

"There's a feeling in the country against the fat cats and the bankers. To be buying a bright red or silver flashy car, that sort of flaunting of wealth, maybe people are reacting against that. Buying a brown car is a little bit retro, a bit understated."

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