Escaped zebras run wild in Brussels

Roshina Jowaheer

Three zebras escaped from a ranch in Belgium and were filmed running through the streets of Brussels.

A bizarre video shows the animals making their way through the city as police try to round them up.

According to the Guardian, the zebras used the Van Praet tunnel and casually strolled along the canal in Brussels.

After being chased through the city, they were soon cornered and captured.

Bernard Luyckx, a friend of the zebras' owner, told the BBC that they were apparently upset by the sale of their stable-mates.

"Some of the horses got sold and the other zebras got mad and trampled the gates and fled into the streets. Luckily there were no injuries, nobody got hurt, the zebras too."

In 2012, one man filmed a zebra and a pony running wild through the streets of Staten Island, USA.

Zachary Osher was at his desk at Metropolitan Drape and Blind on Victory Boulevard when he saw the bizarre scene, which also included two men in dark suits wielding lassos.

He told the NY Daily News: "When I saw the pony, I was like 'eh,' but then I saw the zebra. I thought it was some kind of a circus act."

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