Chip shop owner leaves hilarious holiday notice in window

Chip shop owner leaves hilarious holiday notice in window

We've never seen a 'closed' sign quite like this.

One local, Twitter user PlattsiePlatts, noticed her town chip shop was closed, and spotted the rather long notice in the window explaining why. She tweeted the hilarious sign, and we spotted it at the Metro.

It read: "This shop will be closed for 1 week. Re-open on Mon 16th March.

"This year my wife has decided to take us all youth hostelling, I told her at her age she would be better off with Saga.

"We are taking two of our children. 1 Daughter in law, plus 1 grandson. No internet, mobile phones, playstations etc.

"Personally I think we will all be bored to tears. She who must be obeyed says we will have a great time telling tales round the campfire etc.

"I would rather be here with beer and TV."

Twitter users also found the notice rather amusing, with one writing: "Love that he's committed enough to find a new pen three quarters of the way through."

Another said: "Lol they only wanted some chips... not a transcribed episode of Jeremy kyle :) x."

And one user wasn't' happy with the grammar, writing: "The 'ect's are killing me! It's up there with 'expresso'! ;)."

One user took pity on his family, laughing: "What a misery guts. His poor wife and family, to be stuck with him moaning for a week..."

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Chip shop owner leaves hilarious holiday notice in window
The mind boggles.

Yes, this is a warning that snails are crossing the road near Westport on the west coast South Island, New Zealand.        

There's a 'better than nothing' approach to this Baptist Church sign at Homer Street and Macon Road in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

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If you're looking for somewhere to explode your vehicle, just don't do it here, as it's not permitted.

Don't go thinking you can rescue anyone in these parts...

This sign comes in very handy if you need to know how to get to Egypt while you're driving through Buckinghamshire.

This forbidding sign, spotted outside St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, won't bring in much of a congregation.

Does this one get the prize for being the most unhelpful sign of all???????

Just in case you're in any doubt: you can't park here.

This sign in Idaho, USA makes us hope the natives don't try to make us laugh!

Possibly the last sign you want to see when you've missed a turn-off. Unless you need  directions for the tiny hamlet of Lost, 40 miles west of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

You'll have to leave your elephant behind if you're driving through Beijing...

Do not, under any circumstances, get the silly string out when you're here. We realise it's tempting but the penalties are harsh.

This sign was snapped in County Fermanagh,when the Lough Erne river burst its banks.

This is New Zealand's version of a pelican crossing.

This No Parking sign, miles from nowhere, was spotted along Prairie Chapel Road leading to President Bush's ranch near Crawford, Texas. The signs were placed for security while the president was at his 1,600-acre ranch outside town.

We've heard of cats resting under cars but never thought we'd have to check for penguins...

Just make sure you pick the right sign or you'll end up all confused...

This electronic road sign in Austin, Texas, was intended to warn motorists of construction near the intersection of Lamar and Martin Luther King boulevards were changed by hackers to give a deeper message.

If you're looking for daleks (and who isn't?), you've come to the right place. This sign led the public to a Dr Who exhibition held at Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales.

Spotted in Island of Hawaii.

Does this sign want us to keep left or right? Confusing!

A leaning road sign in Glastonbury, Somerset practices what it preaches by demonstrating the message it's trying to get across.

We're guessing this road in Spain is just for cyclists and pedestrians to enter.

Neither of these signs sound very appealing. Which would you choose?

No, Prat Communal is actually a place in the Mid-Pyrenees, France. Glad you don't live there?

We reckon this confusing sign, photographed in London, is likely to have caused more accidents than it prevented...

Not an end in sight...

Ooops - looks like this sign is going to disappear underwater..

How many can there be in the desert in Baja, California?

Good advice from this rural street sign
Road sign Kent for the village of Ham and town of Sandwich Kent, England, UK

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