UK weather: Temperature set to drop by 10 degrees

Rosie Vare
Spring weather April 14th 2015
Spring weather April 14th 2015

People enjoying the weather in St James's Park in London

Unfortunately it looks like the unseasonably warm temperatures could be set to drop today (Thursday) in what has been described as a 'reversal of fortunes' by the Met Office.

Temperatures in St James's Park in London yesterday hit a record 25C while Britain enjoyed the hottest day of 2015 so far, the Evening Standard reports.

Some parts of the country may even seen temperatures drop as much as 10C today which will be a shock for those who have donned their summer wardrobes in the hope that the fine weather would continue.

Speaking yesterday, a spokesman for the Met Office said: "Areas that were cooler today will be a little bit warmer tomorrow. But in the South East, where we saw highs of 25C, it will be up to 10 degrees cooler", the Mirror reports.

The rocketing temperatures in London yesterday meant that some parts of the capital were hotter than Athens, Rome, Nice and Ibiza.

However not everyone was enjoying the weather, commuters faced uncomfortably warm journeys home and there were long delays in and out of Brighton thanks to an earlier train derailment.

The temperature was so high that Network Rail were forced to monitor train tracks to check whether or not they were expanding - which would have caused trains to slow.

A spokesman for the company said: "Hot, sunny conditions can cause the metal rails to expand as they warm up, which is why we closely monitor track temperatures and take action, if it's needed, to keep trains running safely and reliably."

However, he also added: "There were no delays to services as a result of the weather yesterday."

The hottest April in history was this day 66 years ago in 1949 when temperatures hit 29.4C.

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