Suicide bomber's car flung into the sky before detonating mid-air

Suicide bomber fail

A video has emerged from Iraq, which apparently shows the moment an ISIS suicide bomber's car is flung into the sky by a roadside bomb, before exploding in mid-air.
The film, which was published by LiveLeak, shows a countryside vista that is suddenly shaken by a huge explosion. Emerging from the top of the plume of debris is a wildly spinning vehicle, which itself blows up just seconds later, with the remains falling rapidly back to earth.

LiveLeak describes the video as showing a suicide bomber mounting an assault on Kurdish Peshmerga forces, near the Iraqi city of Kirkuq.

"Before the suicide bomber reached its main goal, Peshmerga forces were able to destroy the vehicle. As the truck took the hit, the explosives went airborne and exploded midway through the air," the site claims.

Peshmerga troops, along with both the Iraqi army and Iranian-backed Shia militias, have launched a huge offensive against ISIS in recent months, to reclaim vast swathes of the country from the jihadi group.

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