Odd order for pizza from woman having a bad day

pizza receipt for unusual order

Pizza My Heart took an unusual order from a woman in Menlo Park, California, last week. She ordered two pizzas, and then added the special request to 'Send us your cutest delivery boy. Tell me I'm pret." The pizza company rightly assumed that she had run out of characters and wanted to be told she was pretty. The pizzadelivery driver assumed it was a prank call from college girls, but arrived to find something far more depressing.

The Metro reported that the woman, who had ordered a ham and pineapple pizza, and a second with bacon, figs and feta; was actually alone. The delivery boy, known as cold fan on Imgur, posted a photo of the order and his tale the following day. He had arrived to discover the house was set up for a big birthday party, with balloons and cake, but the woman was alone, because nobody had turned up.

He told the Daily Mirror that she had invited him in for a slice of cake, and he ended up spending an hour with her. He even gave her a hug and told her she was pretty. He said he had received a written warning for spending so long on the delivery, but argued that he had simply been providing what the customer had asked for.
Weird orders

It has to be one of the strangest pizza delivery tales of recent months, but there's plenty of competition for that title.

In September last year a man in Portland, Oregon had his pizza delivered by two police officers. The delivery driver had been involved in an accident, and they had promised the driver they would complete his delivery.

The following month, a man called Dave requested that the pizza be delivered to his bed. He explained that he was too hungover to make it to the door, and added: "Let yourself in turn right go past the kitchen through the lounge room. Turn left at double doors to my bedroom," he wrote. "I'm in my undies watching James Bond. Don't be alarmed."

There's also a bizarre trend for those ordering online to complete the 'special instructions' box on the order form with a request for staff to draw a picture on the box. Some of the more well-known ones doing the rounds on social media include the request for a picture of a wizard on the box and another for a picture of a unicorn. Others request bizarre shapes for the pizza to be cut into - including a pentagram and concentric circles.

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