Famous 'Crooked House' in Windsor on sale for £1.5 million

Rosie Vare

The famous 'Crooked House' in the picturesque city of Windsor has been put on sale for a hefty £1.5 million.

The property is officially known as Market Cross house and is instantly recognisable thanks to its notably wonky outer appearance.

The iconic building leans violently to the left supposedly due to the unseasoned green Oak wood that was used to re-build the house after a land dispute in 1687, according to property consultants, Kempton Carr Croft, who are selling the property.

But, if £1.5 million seems a bit pricey for you, the property is also available to rent for a cool £50,000 per year.

The house was originally a butcher's shop and over the years The Crooked House has been the home to jewellers, a brewery and for the last three decades, a tearoom, the Windsor Express reports.

The property is listed as a 'class A3 premises' which means that the building can be used for "the sale of food or drink for consumption on the premises or of hot food for consumption off the premises".

David Pearce, chartered surveyor for Kempton Carr Croft, said: "We work with many different types of property throughout the Thames Valley but it's always good to market such unusual and character filled buildings like Market Cross house.

"We are looking forward to finding the right purchaser or occupier on behalf of our client."

Kempton Carr Croft believes the competition for the house will be tough with a lot of interest already from locals and visitors alike.

The unusual building is surrounded by other well-known residences including Windsor Castle and the Guildhall which was designed by Sir Christoper Wren.

The house is also said to have a passageway that leads to Windsor Castle, although it has been blocked up.

The passageway was once thought to be used to deliver food and produce to the kitchens of the Castle straight from the market, amusingplanet.com reports.

However the other rumour surrounding the bizarre house is that the tunnel was used for secret meetings between King Charles II and his mistress Nell Gwynn!

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