Germanwings plane evacuated after bomb threat

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A Germanwings plane was evacuated yesterday (Sunday) after a bomb threat was reported to the airline.

Flight 4U826 was due to depart from Cologne-Bonn airport for Milan's Malpensa airport when it was stopped on the runway.

The plane was in its taxi phase when it was taken to a safe position on the airfield by the pilot, the Independent reports.

Lufthansa's budget airline reported that it had received an email threat just 15 minutes before the Airbus A320 was due to depart.

According to the Guardian, Germanwings said in a statement: "The tower contacted the pilot immediately who then aborted taxiing and directed the aircraft to a position provided for in such cases."

The plane was examined by the authorities and trained dogs after the crew and passengers were safely evacuated.

Nothing suspect was found on board the plane or in any of the baggage that had been loaded onto the aircraft, Reuters reported.

This most recent incident comes less than a month after the horrific Germanwings tragedy that took place on 24th March this year.

According to investigators, flight 4U9525 A320 was deliberately crashed into the French Alps by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, killing all 140 passengers while travelling between Barcelona and Dusseldorf.

Lubitz is thought to have barricaded himself into the cockpit before intentionally accelerating into the mountains, the Mirror reports.

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