Rally driver sets new tractor world speed record

Tractor world record attempt

Former world rally champion Juha Kankkunen has broken the Guiness World Record for the highest ever recorded speed in a tractor.
Incredibly, the four-time world title holder managed the feat on a slippery airport runway that was buried under a thick layer of snow - no doubt due to sponsor Nokian wanting to publicise its new range of winter tyres for agricultural and commercial vehicles, which it describes as "the first winter tyres for tractors".

Though Kankkunen eventually managed an impressive 80.88mph, getting a tractor up to that speed isn't just a case of giving it a bit of a run-up. While the Valtra model used was a standard factory version, its engine management system was given a software tweak to yield more power. Proving that it was way out of it comfort zone, the tractor also snapped a driveshaft on one of the first attempts.

Check out the footage of the world record run below. Don't expect a lightning turn of speed from the next tractor you get stuck behind on a country lane, though.

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