Elvis's golden suit goes on show in London

Emma Woollacott
Elvis Presley memorabilia exhibition - London
Elvis Presley memorabilia exhibition - London

A $10,000 gold suit worn by Elvis Presley in the 1950s is set to go on show at the O2 this Sunday.

The gold lame tuxedo was worn three times in public, the first being during a performance on March 28, 1957. It also appeared on the cover of Elvis's 1959 album 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong.

But the trousers, apparently, were very heavy to wear, and the gold started to wear out at the knees. They have since been restored.

Created by Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohn, the suit has particular rarity value as Presley hung onto very little from his early years.

Brought over from the singer's Graceland estate under armed guard, the suit is now set to join other Elvis artifacts at an exhibition at the O2, where it will be on show for the next two months.

The exhibition includes hundreds of other artifacts, some of which have never been exhibited outside of Graceland before. They include cars, personal items, historical documents, iconic stage costumes, guitars and gold and platinum records.

Other items include the singer's 'Taking Care of Business' ring, with diamonds totalling 16 karats, and with a centre solitaire of 11.5 karats. Also on display are the red 1960 MG Roadster from the film Blue Hawaii, and Elvis' personal wallet - complete with photos of a young Lisa Marie Presley.

"This is not a collection amassed from auctions; they are personal items from Graceland, where Elvis lived most of his life," says Graceland's director of archives, Angie Marchese.

"Elvis Presley is the greatest of all music icons and these artefacts are the symbols of the man and the music that changed popular culture forever. As John Lennon said, 'Before Elvis, there was nothing.'"

According to Elvis Presley Enterprises, there are over 400,000 Elvis fan clubs worldwide, totalling millions of members. Items once owned by the singer go for phenomenal sums, with a lock of his hair selling for £11,300 at auction a few years ago.

It seems Elvis's popularity never dies - and neither, say some, does he. There's a Facebook account, updated daily, that claims to provide evidence he faked his death.

Elvis At The O2 runs until the end of August. Tickets are available here.

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Elvis Presley's Iconic Gold Suit Goes on Display at O2
Elvis Presley's Iconic Gold Suit Goes on Display at O2