The Fixer: eBay purchase that never came

Jess Bown

Have you been left out of pocket due to poor service or sharp practice? Do you have a money problem that won't go away?

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Dear Fixer,
Some time ago, we purchased an external hard drive from a seller on eBay. We paid for it on Paypal and it was supposed to be delivered by Yodel by a certain date.

When that date passed, we contacted the eBay seller and then the delivery company Yodel, which told us two different stories about the delivery.

In one version, the hard drive had apparently been posted through the letterbox, which would not be possible because it would not have fit. And in the other it had been left on the doorstep because we weren't in.

That would also be very strange as I am a housebound disabled person who is always in. Please help us get a refund if you can - you are our last resort.

J Bell, Bournemouth

Dear Ms Bell,

I contacted eBay about your missing hard drive. It said that while Yodel was able to provide tracking information for your parcel, it was not able to provide proof of delivery.

As a result, even though problems with delivery should be resolved by the courier, it has decided to offer you a refund of the full purchase price.

"We will refund Ms Bell as a gesture of goodwill to ensure she is not left out of pocket," eBay said. The money should be with you within a few days.

The Fixer

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