Weird things to do in Italy

Roshina Jowaheer

Italy is one of the world's most popular holiday destinations, home to historic Rome and the Vatican as well as the idyllic Amalfi Coast and the Lake District. As well as some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, the country has some weird and wonderful surprises for visitors to explore, too. In fact, its eerie attractions put Italy firmly on the weird travel map, with sights so strange you won't want to miss them.

There are undiscovered places dotted around Italy, each with their unique and unusual history. The Lingotto Conference Centre in Turin, for example, was once a Fiat factory which featured one of the world's coolest racetracks - on a rooftop. The cars would move up floors as they were being built and the finished product would end up on the roof where they were tested.

In seaside town Sorrento, it's not all picturesque cliff-top views and limoncello. This town is also where you will find the Valley of the Mills, an odd but spectacular site with abandoned buildings from the 20th century set deep in a crevasse created by an earthquake.

And did you know there is a giant pink rabbit lying in the hills of the Piedmont region? The creepy attraction was created by artists for people to climb on, sleep on and play with, but you will have to be quick if you plan on coming face to face with the knitted rabbit as it is expected to disappear by 2025.

Take a tour of Italy's weirdest attractions below - and let us know if we've missed any out!

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