Honest cabbie returns forgotten £10,000

Car dealer and cabbie

A Herefordshire car dealer has credited a taxi driver with saving his business, after he returned his bag containing £10,000, which he had left on the back seat.
Adrian Quinn was on a regular business trip to British Car Auctions in Walsall, when he stepped into Mohammed Nisar's Hackney carriage at the train station.

Running late due to a cancelled train, the 46-year-old businessman didn't have time to visit a bank to deposit the cash before the auction, so he simply took it with him in a rucksack, which he subsequently forgot in Mr Nisar's vehicle.

Seconds after being dropped off, Mr Quinn had the heart-stopping realisation that he'd lost his cash.

"I was walking across the car park when I realised I hadn't got my bag and I panicked," he told The Telegraph. "I tried to flag down another taxi, but they all had fares. I was sick. My body just went into shut-down and I didn't know what to do. I was just in a daze."

He added: "If I'd lost that bag it would have been the end of my business. We have built it up from nothing for the last nine years and we are sole traders. We don't have the backing of banks. It is hard work, but it earns us a living."

Thankfully, Mr Quinn was able to get another cab back to the station taxi rank, where he found Mr Nisar looking after the bag.

The taxi driver said: "He was very, very thankful. He had just bought a car but forgot the bag full of money."

To show his appreciation, Mr Quinn gave the 15-year cabbie a cash reward, and has since invited him and his wife over for dinner.

This isn't the first time Mr Nisar has returned valuable items left in the back of his taxi. He previously drove back to a customer's house to return their wallet containing £150. He is now urging all taxi drivers to be similarly scrupulous.

"Honesty is the best policy. There are some drivers who don't return things, but what is the point?" he said. "Mobile phones are the most common thing left behind, but most of them now can be traced anyway. "My message is to encourage all my taxi driving brothers that if they find something valuable just give it back."
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