Workman photographed in high-speed motorway stunt

van passenger

A workman has been pictured hanging out of the side of a van in an apparent stunt, as it drove at 85mph along the outside lane of the M40.
The unidentified man, who was dressed in high-visibility overalls, was seen clinging to the side of a black Vauxhall Vivaro van, with most of his body, including one of his legs, hanging out of the vehicle.

During the incident, which lasted for around five minutes and occurred between junctions 9 and 8a in Oxfordshire, the man can also be seen gesturing to other motorists.

Driver James Hobkirk photographed the van and told The Telegraph: "My wife was driving and she spotted something strange in the rear-view mirror. I turned around and there was this guy in the outside lane hanging out of the van, saluting people as he went past.

"We were travelling at about 65mph in the middle lane and he came flying up behind us. He must have been doing about 80, 85. He was just hanging out the side door for about five minutes. He's obviously a complete nut job.

"People were moving into the middle lane to get out of the way. It's like he was surfing. There were about four people in the back of the van and two in the front. They were all laughing."

Thames Valley Police are now investigating the incident, which took place last Friday afternoon.
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