Man crashed car to kill wife after hearing she wanted a divorce

Coach crash on the M1
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A man deliberately steered his pickup truck off a motorway in an attempt to kill his wife, after a disastrous 'make or break' weekend where she told him that she wanted a divorce, a court has heard.
Leicester crown court heard that driving test examiner and church treasurer Ian Walters intentionally steered his Mitsubishi L200 off the side of the M1 following an argument, killing his wife Tracy, though he denies murder, reports The Guardian.

Witnesses, who described the incident as resembling an explosion, claimed that the Mitsubishi swerved violently off the road while traveling along the motorway, with the force of the impact throwing the couple's pet dogs and luggage out of the vehicle, as it ploughed into trees.

Witness Robin Goss told the jury that the driver appeared to have made a conscious attempt to steer towards the hard shoulder: "Everything was normal. Then all of a sudden I saw this car just swerve violently across to the left.

"It completely disappeared and I remember looking into the hard shoulder. Then I saw what looked like a little explosion," he continued.

Another witness on the scene told the court that he had found Tracy in the car before she was cut free and tried to calm her down. Describing the scene he said: "The car was a hell of a mess. I didn't bother looking at the driver's side because I thought whoever was in there was going to be squashed," The Guardian writes.

Wife Tracy, who was seriously injured in the crash, which happened near Markfield in Leicestershire last March, subsequently died from her injuries in hospital two days later. Despite the severity of the crash, Walters survived the incident, though he was badly injured in the impact, reports The Telegraph.

Unraveling the case in court, prosecutors claim that Walters deliberately swerved off the road after his wife had made allegations of domestic abuse and said that she wanted to get divorced. The pair had been returning to Wiltshire from a "make-or-break" weekend in North Yorkshire, which had finished in an argument.

The trial – which is expected to last up to a month – has been adjourned until next week.
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