Google releases gadget to turn TV into a computer

Google have released a new piece of technology that will allow people to any display into a Google Chrome operating system.
The Chromebit (pictured above) looks no different to a regular USB stick, but the gadget is actually an HDMI dongle that can be plugged into any monitor or TV, transforming it into a computer, the BBC reports.

Not only does it let you convert monitors to computers, the other end of the stick functions as a USB port, allowing you to connect other devices as well.

The quad-core Rockchip 3288 processor will work with the monitor to convert the screen and there's 16GB of storage as well as Bluetooth connectivity and 2GB of RAM available, the Mirror reports.

As it runs on a Chrome operating system users will have to be connected to wi-fi for it to be able to work, but it'll be a handy budget option for those who don't have or can't afford a smart TV.

UK prices for the gadget have not been released yet but Google have announced that it will be sold in the US for $100 which suggests it may be on sale in the UK for around £70.

The new high-tech release from Google is touted as "the perfect upgrade for an existing desktop and will be really useful for schools and businesses" according to Google.

Google opened their first-ever branded UK store just a few weeks ago on London's Tottenham Court Road.

The 'Google Shop' sells the brands products as well as offering tutorials for customers, the Telegraph reported.

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Google releases gadget to turn TV into a computer
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