Bus driver reads newspaper at the wheel (video)

Bus driver reads newspaper at the wheel (video)
Bus driver reads newspaper at the wheel (video)

A bus driver has been labelled "bloody irresponsible" after being filmed reading a newspaper at the wheel in Auckland, New Zealand.

A passenger filmed the driver flicking through the paper, which was spread out over the steering wheel, as the bus was moving on Monday, reports news.com.au.

Ritchie's Coachlines has now said the driver will face disciplinary action.

Owner Andrew Ritchie told the NZ Herald: "I am absolutely amazed by how absolutely stupid the guy is. Bloody irresponsible behaviour to the first degree, I can't believe it."

Without giving details, Mr Ritchie said the driver would be "dealt with", taking into account his employment history and whether there have been any other complaints against him.

Mr Ritchie added: "I'm just completely embarrassed by the whole thing to be honest, and all I can say is all of the drivers, I would have thought, would know better.

"I hope they do know better, but we'll reinforce that over the next day or two and remind them of it."

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