Where council tax is rising and falling in 2015/16

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The new tax year is nearly upon us and that means a myriad of changes that will impact our finances.

These include adjustments to Council Tax charges (or rates if you're in Northern Ireland).

So we've taken a look at what councils across the UK have got planned for 2015/16 and whether you'll be paying more, less or the same.

Council Tax in England

The Government has set aside £550 million to help councils in England cope with freezing Council Tax in 2014/15 as well as in 2015/16.

Not every council has taken up the offer though, which is why the average Band D Council Tax level for the coming tax year has increased by 1.1%. In cash terms that means the average bill for 2015/16 is now £1,484, £16 more than the current tax year.

In total 241 out of 421 authorities have opted to freeze Council Tax over 2015/16 and will receive a grant from the Government. That's 10 fewer than 2014/15.

However, when you look at each individual council's actions, the number actually freezing Council Tax in cash terms are minimal. The vast majority are imposing increases.

So where in England is Council Tax going up, staying the same or going down?

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English councils that have frozen or cut Council Tax

Here are the councils in England that have announced a cut or freeze on Council Tax for 2015/16.

Local authority

Band D 2014/15

Band D 2015/16

% change

Windsor & Maidenhead




Hammersmith & Fulham












Redcar & Cleveland




Kensington & Chelsea




Tower Hamlets


























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