Long term report: Mazda 6 Tourer

Mazda 6 Tourer
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A huge AOL Cars shout out this month to Milcars Mazda in Watford for firstly reading my long-term report (nice to know someone does) and secondly for getting in touch to offer some help.
You may remember my introduction report for our brilliant Mazda 6 sung a lot of praises – but there were two gripes in there too. The first was to do with the automatically-locking doors which would bolt in the time it took me to walk from the driver's side to the passenger side. It wasn't the biggest problem, just more of an annoyance.

The second gripe was with the Bluetooth. It would try to download all my contacts from my iPhone every time I got in and while it was doing that would refuse to stream music. On occasions it would take 10 minutes before it woke up.

Thankfully sales manager at Milcars, Andrew Bassano, was reading my update and knew his master technician Anthony Farron would have an answer. The helpful chaps solved the locking doors issue. There's a setting deep in the car's interface – I've changed it from 30 seconds to 90 so hopefully that's solved.

Unfortunately the phone issue is a 'known problem'. For now, it's a race to hit a cancel button on the dash before the phone and car begin their mating procedure otherwise it's in lockdown mode and S Club Seven streaming has to wait. And you know how annoying THAT is...

The knowledge

Model: Mazda 6 2.2D 175s Sport Nav Tourer
Price: £27,955 (as tested)
Engine: 2.2-litre diesel
Power: 173bhp, 420Nm
Max speed: 137mph
0-60mph: 7.8s
Emissions: 121g/km
Mileage this month: 1,055

This month's highlight

Realising our brilliant readers will come to the rescue
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