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Dear Fixer,
A couple of days ago, I took out an annual travel insurance policy through a price comparison website.

However, I have since realised that I am already covered for European travel, which is all I am planning to do this year, on a free policy that I get with my NatWest current account.

The policy I bought was only about £20, but that's still £20 I now won't have to spend on my holiday to Mallorca in a few weeks.

Is there any way to get a refund by cancelling the second policy or do I have to live with my mistake?

D Smith, Birmingham

Dear Ms Smith,

With annual multi-trip travel insurance policies, you are entitled to cancel within 14 days of purchase without penalty.

So the good news is that, as you took the policy out in the last two weeks, all you need to do is contact the insurer in question and request a full refund.

It is best to do this in writing, stating that you wish to cancel and get your money back using the 14-day cooling off period that must be offered by law.

The Fixer

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