Reclaim your Clubcard vouchers

For any regular Tesco shopper, the Clubcard offers much more than money off your grocery shop. Whether you shop in store or online, there are many ways to can take advantage of the loyalty scheme, so even if you've lost track of vouchers or points, here's how to make the most of your rewards.

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Reclaiming vouchers
With our daily lives seemingly becoming ever busier, it's easy to mislay or forget about vouchers and discount offers, but where the Clubcard is concerned, you may be able to redeem the points or vouchers lost in the hustle and bustle. Clubcard vouchers remain valid for up to two years, so it's worth checking whether you've forgotten a few along the way. Simply register with Tesco online, visit the Clubcard site and enter your details. A link on the left-hand side entitled 'My vouchers' will show you the vouchers you still have available to spend, and you can simply print them off to use in store, or use the codes provided if you prefer to shop online. Even if you're not an online customer, you can reclaim those lost vouchers by calling Tesco customer services and asking them to check for you. Thereafter, you're free to save money on a whole range of products and services.

Shop and swap
On a basic level, the Tesco Clubcard gives you points for each £1 you spend. Those points can then be claimed in vouchers that give you money off your shopping in-store, at Tesco petrol stations, online, on some Tesco financial products, or at Tesco Direct.

However, swap those vouchers for Clubcard rewards and you will get other goodies worth three or four times their original value, and the options are many and varied. Sizeable discounts are available on a host of UK days out, for flights and holidays, restaurants, magazine subscriptions, various partner shops, and even sporting events.

Boost your points
Tesco regularly come up with ways to boost your points total by launching Clubcard Exchanges, where you can double your points value on certain categories, or offers limited either on number or time.

You'll need to move fast to take advantage of these special deals, so it's worth regularly checking the Clubcard website or, better still, signing up for email alerts to keep you informed of the best offers.
Flash sales
Not only does Tesco allow you to boost your points to get greater value via vouchers, it has also introduced 'flash sales' with even better deals. In 2015, the supermarket's flash sale comprised six deals with a variety of partners, including iTunes, Pizza Express and Ticketmaster, and the deals on offer were even better than the standard Clubcard 'boosts'. The catch is that there were a limited number of each deal so the offers went fast. With similar sales said to be on the way later this year, it might be wise to sign up online and keep your eyes peeled for more fabulous bargains.

Are you a Clubcard fan? What are your tips for making the most of your points? Leave your comments below...

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