Shropshire family awarded £20,000 compensation for Egyptian holiday disaster


A family from Shropshire have been given £20,000 in compensation after gastric illness ruined their holiday at an Egyptian resort.

Alexandra Lees, 21, of Telford was awarded £12,000 personally after being put on medication for diarrhoea, the Shropshire Star reports.

Her father, James Hammond, was affected by pleurisy, a lung condition which causes intense chest pains, and was awarded £4,000.

Alexandra's 19-year-old brother, Michael got £1,900, her stepmother Sharon was given £1,800 and her 13-year-old step sister, Molly received £1,890.

The family had been spent their holiday at the four-star Tropicana Sea Beach Splash Resort in Sharm El-Sheikh.

There were a total of 73 people who visited the resort between May 19 and August 23, 2012 and were awarded compensation by First Choice Holidays and Flights.

Lawyers told Birmingham County Court of how the food was thought to be undercooked and there was raw sewage seen around the children's pool.

Aside from Alexandra Lee and her family, other guests are reported to have suffered from infections including salmonella and cryptosporidium, a parasite which is a form of gastroenteritis.

The solicitor representing the holidaymakers, Jatinder Paul, said: "We were able to obtain expert evidence which was supportive to their claims, despite the refusal by First Choice to neither admit or deny liability."

He added: "These illnesses have had a debilitating long term impact on the health of some of our clients."

The solicitor also said that the resort has since changed its name and isn't advertised on the First Choice site anymore.

In 2013, the holiday firm paid out £1.9 million in compensation to 409 British tourists who suffered severe food poisoning after staying at a resort in the Dominican Republic.

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