Half of motorists get ready while driving

transportation and vehicle concept - man drinking coffee while driving the car

Drivers applying their lipstick while negotiating motorway traffic may be the stereotypical bugbear of many drivers, but new research has revealed that as many as half of motorists are guilty of using their time behind the wheel in the morning to get ready.
A new survey, conducted on behalf of electronic security solutions provider ISI Secure, revealed that 52 per cent of drivers admitted to conducting some form of morning routine after they had got into the car, reports the Press Association. Most popular was drinking coffee, with nearly half (43 per cent) of drivers admitting to either carrying their morning brew out to the car, or slurping from one bought en-route to work every day.

It would seem breakfast in general is something that many motorists feel they can complete during their morning commute, with 38 per cent admitting to eating toast or other breakfast foods while negotiating rush-hour traffic.

And it appears that a number of male drivers are guilty of personal grooming behind the wheel, with 11 per cent admitting to having a shave while driving, compared to the 22 per cent of women who put their hands up to regularly applying makeup at the wheel.

Julia Konec, who conducted the survey on behalf of ISI Secure, told the Press Association: "Drivers are clearly not allowing themselves sufficient time to prepare at home before leaving for work in their cars.

"Any distraction from driving is dangerous, especially so during the morning rush hour when there are more cars on the road than normal and also children on their way to school."

She added: "As well as the more obvious distractions, we also found some drivers were using laptops to check emails and even catch up on work from the previous day. These are dangerous habits that risk collisions, fines and even imprisonment in the worst cases."

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