Dundee man boards bus with combat axe

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A man has admitted to getting on a bus in Dundee, Scotland, with a stolen combat axe.

Scott Henderson, 30, admitted to taking the axe and two bracelets from the nearby Village Market in May last year, the Evening Telegraph reports.

The man was then seen getting on to a bus with the axe before a passenger recognised him and reported the incident to the local police, giving the man's name.

Henderson admitted that he stole the axe, worth £20, and two bracelets, worth just £1 each, from Viking Art World and GYC Fashion at the Village Market.

Henderson's defence solicitor, Kevin Hampton, said it was an act of stupidity and also mentioned that Henderson was currently taking a methadone prescription but was stable

Methadone is a synthetic opiate often given to drug addicts as a substitute for heroin as it delivers similar effects but not to the same degree as the Class A drug.

Hampton added that Henderson's crime was "madness on his part".

Sheriff Elizabeth Munro gave the defendant the chance to defer his sentencing for six months on the condition of good behaviour.

Sheriff Munro added: "But if this is you slipping back into using on top of your prescription, you will be going to prison," the Evening Telegraph reports.

Henderson's sentencing has been deferred until June 16.

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Dundee man boards bus with combat axe

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