CCTV camera installed in public toilet in London

Ruth Doherty
CCTV installed in public toilet in London
CCTV installed in public toilet in London

A camera has been installed in a public toilet in Lewisham, London.

CCTV cameras have been placed next to the urinals and cubicles in the toilets of Lewisham Shopping Centre.

And many people are not happy about it.

Speaking to News Shopper, Simon Barnshaw, from Orpington, said: "I've washed my hands, looked up, then I saw a camera behind me, right next to the door, watching me.

"It might be for drug dealers but these are public toilets.I don't think you should have a camera in the toilet, I don't mind the one by the basin or by the door but not in the facility.

"It's embarrassing for people, you can't even have any privacy in a toilet."

He lodged a complaint with Lewisham Council, but the move is reportedly legal as long as the cameras are clearly signposted.

According to This Is Local London, Big Brother Watch, who campaign for more control over personal data, questioned the tactics of London Securities, which owns the shopping centre. A spokesman said: "Putting CCTV cameras in public toilets is a gross invasion into the public's privacy.

"The public have an expectation of privacy in toilets and in changing rooms.

"That expectation is highlighted in the data protection act which is very clear that CCTV cameras in toilets should only be used in exceptional circumstances and to deal with very serious concerns."

A spokeswoman for Land Securities said the cameras were installed to prevent anti-social behaviour and only film the tops of cubicles.

Another member of public, Georgia Provok, 39, told News Shopper: "That's invading my privacy, I've used those toilets very occasionally but I would never use them now.

"I can't understand, that's a place where I show my private parts.

"It should be made clear exactly where the cameras are, it's ok if they're just by the door or by the basins but that should be made clear, the signs aren't big enough."

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