Woman killed by falling icicle in Russia

Falling Icicles Pose Danger

A young woman was killed in Siberia as she walked her dog after a giant icicle fell off a building and hit her.

Tatiana Igonina, 20, died after the sharp block of ice crashed down from the 14th floor of a building in Novosibirsk.

The Siberian Times reports that her mother and doctors narrowly missed being hit by icicles as they attended to her. Tatiana's dog miraculously escaped unharmed.

Investigators refused to approach her body until all icicles were removed from the roof of the building, Tatiana's friend said.

Officials said they cleared the roof a week earlier but did not notice the blocks of ice over a balcony.

One of the residents of the flats had added the balcony to his property and it was assumed he would clear the ice himself.

According to the Daily Mail, Tatiana's cousin Vladimir Makhonin took to social media and wrote: "I will never forget her laughter, her eyes and smile. Farewell beloved sister. I would give everything to hear her voice again."

Ms Igonina recently graduated from university and was looking for a job.

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