Drivers faced with wrong-way caravan on A9

Wrong-way driver
Conor McKenna/YouTube

The phenomenon of drivers traveling the wrong way down busy high-speed roads was once thought to be a highly infrequent occurrence. However, the advent of the dash cam has seen numerous such incidents committed to memory card, and shows that a worrying number of people don't understand the rules of the road.
The latest incident to be recorded took place on the notorious A9 in Scotland. A driver is traveling along the national speed limit dual carriageway from Perth to Kinross when he comes across slowing traffic.

Suddenly, the reason for everyone jamming on the brakes becomes apparent: there's a slow-moving caravan driving in the wrong direction in the outside lane. Thankfully, the dopey caravan driver appears to realise his mistake, and quickly comes to a halt.

The A9 has often been dubbed Scotland's most dangerous road and has numerous speed cameras, as well as regular patrols, in a bid to curb speeding and dangerous driving.

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