Charles and Camilla's private jet revealed

Prince Charles and Camilla started their tour of the US on Tuesday. As budget-conscious modern Royals, they didn't jet over in a Royal plane. However, given that Charles is heir to the throne, he's not expected to lower himself to sharing a plane with commoners - instead they chartered a private jet to take them over, and fly them around the US for the next four days.

It's safe to say that their travel is going to be pretty comfortable. The Mirror reported that the Airbus A320-232 aircraft is called the Head of State, and has been kitted out with the kinds of things Presidents and Royalty expect. It was originally built as a passenger plane to fly 180 people around. However, it has been converted to take just 26. It's safe to say, therefore, that it comes with a little extra legroom.

The First Class area

According to the Daily Mail it also boasts a large double bed, and a shower, so the pair could easily have a nap on the way over, and then a freshen themselves up before they landed. And just in case you were worried that the bathroom could be a little down-at-heel, it's worth pointing out that it's decked out with gold taps.

If they get a bit peckish on the flight, the Royal pair won't be expected to balance their dinner on a minuscule tray pulled down from the seat in front, there's a dedicated dining room for the couple. And to keep them entertained, there are 15 screens around the plane, and 200 films on demand.

The dining room

Clarence House chose not to tell the press how much the plane cost to charter, so we will have to wait for details in the Sovereign Grant accounts later this year.

Not so plane

It's a pretty impressive way to travel, and there will be those who wonder whether the Royal couple really need something more expensive than First Class. It was enough for Prince William and Kate Middleton when a British Airways plane flew them to New York last December. However, when it comes to planes, the Head of State isn't something that would make much of a splash in billionaire circles.

Donald Trump's private Boeing 757 is said to be worth $100 million, and although the interior has never been revealed, Trump has shown glimpses in photos posted on social media. Shiny wood seems to form much of the interiors, along with a marble bathroom, and a double bed in a large cabin behind the lounge area - which comes complete with sofas. The Trump Family Crest is also said to feature throughout.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, meanwhile, owns a customised Being 767. Apparently the paint job alone cost him £50,000. The luxurious interior is a well-kept secret, although we know options on the model include a dining room that seats 30, a master bedroom, and a luxury bathroom with its own shower.

Jim Carey has apparently prioritised speed in his jet. His $59 million Gulfstream V reaches almost supersonic speeds, and is one of the fastest private jets in the world.

But perhaps the most stunning is an Airbus A380, originally bought in 2008 by Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal for a reported $300 million. He then spent another $100 million customising it as a 'flying palace'. The plane was originally designed for 800 people, so the luxuries that can be squeezed on for a smaller group of travellers are incredible.

There's said to be a concert hall, a lift, a garage for two Rolls Royce cars, a wellbeing room, four sumptuous suites and a 14-seat dining table. Sadly for the Prince's family, he decided to sell the plane in 2013, to anther billionaire.

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