Video: AMG ballpoint pen makes SLS V8 engine noises

Mercedes sound pen
YouTube / /.be

Entry to the exclusive world of AMG ownership might normally require you to part with more than £40,000, but the engineers at AMG have activated their sense of humour, with a slightly cheaper substitute – an AMG-branded ballpoint pen.
This is no ordinary pen, however. Click the end of this ballpoint and it emits the roar from Mercedes' fire-spitting SLS V8 supercar. Best of all, it's even got an "elegant soft grip finish featuring the "Mercedes-Benz Museum" logo.

Available for less than 10 euros from Mercedes' online store, this pen lines up alongside other essential kit such as Mercedes-branded poker cards, colour-matched metallic paint nail varnish, a morose three-pointed-star-wearing nodding dog and even a large poster of the Mercedes-Benz museum. You can also pick up a Mercedes branded picnic basket or branded thermometer, should the desire take you.

Have a look – and a listen – to this V8 pen for yourself in the video below.

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