61% 'don't trust George Osborne'

U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Ahead Of 2015 Budget

Over a half of voters do not trust George Osborne to run the UK economy, a new survey has found.

A total of 61% respondents said they were either slightly distrustful of the Chancellor or had no trust in him at all.

The online poll by uSurv also found that just 12% of voters trusted George Osborne a great deal.

The findings come in the week that he will deliver his final Budget of the parliament.

When Mr Osborne gets to his feet to speak in the Commons on Wednesday, there will be just 50 days until the general election.

He has said the Budget will contain "no giveaways, no gimmicks" but will contain measures to further relax pension rules.

The full figures for the poll suggest that 12% of voters trust Mr Osborne a great deal, 27% trust him a small amount, 22% are slightly distrustful and 39% do not trust him at all.

The survey found broad agreement among male and female voters, with a total of 59% of males and 62% of females saying they either had little or no trust in Mr Osborne.

There was greater difference in the specific number saying they had no trust in the chancellor at all. A total of 43% of males agreed with this statement, compared with 35% of females.

Trust in Mr Osborne was greatest among voters 60 and over (49%) and was lowest among people aged 40-49 (32%).

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