Who are the world's most successful investors?

Sarah Coles
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

In every walk of life there are some people who make things look easy. While we're working hard to run a mile without passing out, the ultra marathon runners strap on their trainers and put in another marathon before breakfast. And while we're taking great pains to put together a portfolio with reasonable growth prospects, legendary investors seem to be effortlessly raking in the billions.

Of course, in reality, it isn't quite like this. Like the marathon runners, the world's best investors combine a natural aptitude with dedication and hard work. But when you're looking for inspiration to help motivate you to put some hard work into your own portfolio, it's always worth taking the time to admire the skills of some of the world's greatest investors.

Can you emulate their success?

Some of their success is based on things that are impossible for us to replicate - unless you have the millions of pounds you'll need to become a successful corporate raider. Other aspects of their winning formula could benefit us all.

The number of value investors in this group is striking - who invest because they believe that the fundamental value of the company is higher than their share price would indicate.

There are also a large number of contrarians - who invest in the unloved companies and trends in the market, which they believe have great potential. This type of investor benefits particularly from avoiding the fashions that persuade other investors to buy when something is expensive and to sell it when it's cheap.

Finally, this group of successful investors also includes several specialists, who believe you should only invest in something you know well, and have researched carefully.

Of course, even if you adopt all of these approaches, there's no guarantee that you'll be raking in your fortune overnight. But when so many of the most successful investors seem to take the same approach, it's worth at least considering taking a leaf out of their book.

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