Aldi revealed as cheapest supermarket

Rosie Vare
Discount Grocers Aldi And Lidl As U.K.'s
Discount Grocers Aldi And Lidl As U.K.'s

Budget supermarket Aldi is still 30% cheaper than the 'big five' supermarkets, and independent study has shown.

In a basket of 33 commonly bought items, Aldi came out cheapest with savings of almost £8, the Daily Mail reported.

Perhaps even more shockingly, the budget retailer's basket came in at a massive £18 less than Sainsbury's, marking an almost 30% difference between the two shops, trade magazine The Grocer found.

Sainsbury's also worked out marginally more expensive than upmarket supermarket Waitrose, which totalled up at £59.98 for all 33 items, 17p cheaper than Sainsbury's.

The study also showed that Aldi was the cheapest source for 31 of the 33 products on the list, the Mirror reported.

Prices for 33 commonly bought items:

Aldi - £42.15

Asda - £50.11

Tesco - £53.97

Morrisons - £54.29

Waitrose - £59.98

​Sainsbury's - £60.15

Aldi is now almost at the same level as Waitrose, with a market share of almost 5% and sales which have rocketed 19.3% over the last year.

The increased popularity of budget chains like Aldi and Lidl signal the most significant change in shopping habits to be seen since the 1950s.

The Daily Mail reports that these price cuts mean it is now cheaper to feed a family that it was just a year ago.

The Express recently reported that the budget chain has been drawing in more affluent shoppers, with 31% of all customers coming from the AB socioeconomic group.

The mix of budget prices and upmarket food is said to have been a significant factor in driving this change.

Aldi's joint managing director, Tony Baines, told the Express: "Despite the noise made by other supermarkets about so called price cuts, the fact remains that Aldi still offers its customers the lowest prices and best value."

A spokesman for Sainsbury's told the Mail: "We don't think this price comparison is fair."

Adding: "We have plenty of data like this which demonstrates that we have never been more competitive on price."

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