Woman on flight lights up cigarette then starts ranting

Sinead Moore
Woman lights up cigarette then has weird rant on board flight
Woman lights up cigarette then has weird rant on board flight

A woman caused chaos on an American Airlines flight after she lit up a cigarette and then started ranting loudly about Barrak Obama.

Unimpressed passengers on the flight from Nicaragua to Miami complained to attendant about the unruly behaviour.

When questioned, the woman, who has not been named, blamed someone else for smoking, reports the Daily Mail.

Shocked passengers captured footage of the incident.

The woman, who appears to speak with an American accent, went on bizarre tirade about Venezuela, the US declaring war on Venezuela, oil and Hugo Chavez, Entertainment.ie reports.

She shouted: 'The United States has declared war on Venezuela. Venezuela has been declared a national security threat.'

Flight attendants urged her to calm down, warning her that the police would be waiting for her once the plane landed.

Smoking has been strictly prohibited on almost all airlines since 1988.

Passengers found to be smoking on non-smoking flights can face a fine up to $5,000 and be arrested and detained upon landing.

But warnings from flight attendants were not enough to stop this woman.

'They already say they are arresting me so I'm going to tell you more,' she told passengers while unbuckling her seat belt and standing up.

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