Hackett pimps Williams' pit crew

High fashion pit crew
YouTube/Hackett London

While their colleagues race wheel-to-wheel, attracting all the plaudits, Formula One pit crews are an oft-overlooked bunch, but their endless practice and tireless work is frequently what makes the difference between glory and defeat.
London fashion label Hackett has decided that enough is enough, and has decked out the Williams pit crew in sharp suits for its latest ad, so they can look as good as their drivers (or better, given their current form...).

Resembling a bizarre mash-up between Star Wars and Reservoir Dogs, the team is filmed in slow motion, undertaking their usual pit duties of rapidly swapping wheels and cleaning the driver's visor, all while decked out in immaculate two-pieces.

It's the sort of thing we'd expect to see if the Mafia launched its own F1 team. Never before has changing tyres looked so cool, though don't expect to see this sort of display at the next round of the F1 championship. That is unless Hackett have come out with a new line of single-breasted fire retardant suits.

Check out the ad below.

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