Rare Porsche 959 up for sale

Porsche 959
Tom Hartley Jnr

While today's hypercar power wars are being fought out between manufacturers from numerous nations – the Swedes even have one! – rewind back to the 80s and there were just two contenders fighting it out for glory as the world's most technologically advanced supercar: the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959.
Once the world's fastest production vehicle, the 959 didn't quite have the overt charisma of its Italian rival in their heyday. Now, though, the 959 is recognised as one of the finest cars ever to emerge from Stuttgart, as the £750,000 sticker price on this scarlet red example offered by Tom Hartley Jnr shows.

This early model has just 21,621 miles on the clock, and is a 'Komfort' model, featuring both a hydraulic suspension lift system (handy for speed bumps) and a damper control system, for adjusting the ride between cruising comfort and track-attacking firmness.

Aside from this, it's decked out with more normal creature comforts including air conditioning, heated sports seats, leather upholstery and electric windows.

Porsche 959
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Rare Porsche 959 up for sale

Conceived as a Group B rally car – the insane branch of rallying that was so hardcore it got banned – the 959 features an innovative four-wheel drive system. While hardened sports car fans may scoff at this, Porsches of the era had a propensity for biting drivers hard when they ran out of talent, and with 450bhp from its twin-turbocharged 2.8-litre motor, the system was as much of a safety feature as anything else.

With a 0-60mph time of less than four seconds and a top speed of 195mph, the 959 has the performance credentials to stand tall amongst its supercar contemporaries nearly 30 years on.

Only 300 were ever made, and values are only likely to go one way. Want it? Check out the ad here.
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