Cyclist accidentally shoots himself dead

Cambridge cycling stock

A cyclist in Florida died on Thursday after accidentally shooting himself in the heart while riding his bicycle.

Troy Earl Smith, 25, was found by a passer-by in St. Petersburg who called police after seeing him fall to the ground.

St. Petersburg Police spokesperson Michael Puetz told that Smith was transported to hospital and pronounced dead.

He did not have a concealed carry permit for the .380 he was carrying. Police are trying to determine why he was carrying the gun.

Investigators said the gun was fired while in his jacket, which could indicate he was trying to reach his mobile phone or another item in his pocket.

In 2013, a young Saudi Arabian man accidentally shot and killed an elderly female shepherdess after mistaking her for a monkey while out on a hunting trip.

The 19-year-old was hunting in a small village near the Kingdom's western town of Taif when he saw what he thought was a monkey breaking branches in a tree.

Sabq Daily reported: "He aimed his gun and shot. The bullet hit the woman in the chest. When the man came near, he was shocked to find she was a woman.

"He rushed her to hospital but she died later. Police arrested the man, who told them he killed her by mistake, thinking she was a monkey damaging the tree."

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