World's most dangerous footpath re-opens after four years

World's Most Dangerous Hike Reopens
World's Most Dangerous Hike Reopens

El Caminito Del Ray, the world's most terrifying walkway, is set to re-open at the end of March - but helmets will be compulsory for anyone daring to try it.

The famous walkway in Spain has been shut for 14 years after five people died attempting the risky route, which and is more than three kilometres long and runs along the dangerously steep walls above the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorge.

The Telegraph reports that a £2.23 million renovation scheme was put in place and has included the installation of a glass floor and new wooden pathway.

Those brave enough to attempt the tricky route will now be required to wear helmets, and safety lines and steel bolts have also been installed to improve safety, the Express reports.

John Kramer walked the death-defying path in 2013 and is excited for it to be re-opened soon, telling the Telegraph: "It's now time to visit with my children. I just hope its popularity with day trippers won't ruin the area too much."

He added: "One of the most worrying things on the day (of my previous walk), was the safety cable had snapped a month previously – an Italian climber fell over 80m and miraculously, not only survived, but walked away unscathed. Needless to say, it didn't inspire much confidence!"

El Caminito can be found about 45 minutes north of Malaga, in southern Spain, and will be open from Tuesday to Sunday each week in summer and winter.

The dangerous walkway was originally built in 1905 to provide workers access to the two hydroelectric plants in the area.

Matthew Karsten, an adventure blogger who has completed El Caminito, told the Independent: "If you're afraid of heights, it's the stuff of nightmares."

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Hikers Defy Death on World's Most Dangerous Hike
Hikers Defy Death on World's Most Dangerous Hike