Cyclist fined for speeding after overtaking cars

Asian male Cyclist training on a road
Shutterstock / Stuart Jenner

There can be no greater achievement for a road cyclist than setting off a speed camera. However, don't think that you'll go scot free if you're caught breaking the speed limit by police, as a rider in Richmond has been prosecuted for cycling too fast.
The cyclist who passed cars at more than twice the 20mph limit in Richmond Park has been fined £65 for speeding, along with a £20 surcharge and prosecution costs of £65. Rider Rory Palmer hit a speed of 41mph on a road in the royal park on January 2, just months after a spokesman for the Royal Parks said that speed limits on roads it manages aren't applicable to cyclists, reports

According to This Is Local London, the 42-year-old cyclist pleaded guilty to exceeding the 20mph limit in the park on Sawyer's Hill. Wimbledon Magistrates' Court head that the rider was spotted by police overtaking cars as he approached them. Officers subsequently stopped the cyclist from Shepherds Bush, at which stage he acknowledged riding above the speed limit.

Palmer's legal representative, Mutahir Ahmed, said: "Cycling is his hobby and he understands how dangerous it was. It was a windy day and he was coming down the hill.

"He did realise at the time he was going above 20mph but did not have a speedometer."

There has been much uncertainty over whether speed limits imposed on motorists in London's Royal Parks can be applied to cyclists, with BBC broadcaster Jeremy Vine previously been told by a spokesperson that Hyde Park – and subsequently all other royal parks – did not have a speed limit for riders.
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