House for sale with unusual extra - a free wife

House for sale - with a free wife

A house in Yogyakarta in Indonesia has hit the market. For £50,000 you can buy a spacious bungalow with a garage, a large garden... and a wife. The bizarre property listing was written by the estate agent, and the current owner, 40-year-old Wina Lia, said she was happy to go along with it because she was on the lookout for a husband anyway.

The Independent reported that the house was advertised with the eye-catching offer "Buy at the asking price and take the owner as your wife (terms and conditions apply)". Details and pictures went up on the Rumahdijual website.

The Mirror reported that Lia had agreed to the advert, because she had lost her husband in 2000 and suffered a number of unfortunate relationships. She reasoned that if she somehow met her soulmate during the selling process it would be a useful bonus.

The agent, meanwhile, reminded buyers that if they wanted the house but weren't in the market for a wife, they didn't have to take her as part of the deal.
Unusual extras

It may be the first time that a house has been sold with a woman thrown in to seal the deal, however, it's not the first unexpected extra to come with a house.

Typically property developers have offered freebies to buyers - ranging from parking spaces and gym memberships, to a house-full of furniture. However, in December last year one developer in Noida, India, took this to the limit. Anyone buying a top floor flat in the Cape Crown project would receive a second flat for free.

Closer to home, in 2008 in Westbury-on-Trym near Bristol, a property developer offered to give away a Ferrari F430 Spider worth £100,000 to the buyer of his £1 million six-bedroom property. Unfortunately for him, the car wasn't enough of a draw, so he submitted a planning application to convert the property into offices.

And in October last year we reported on the Australian couple who had thrown the family cat, Tiffany, in with their house sale. The couple hadn't planned to do it, but after selling their house at auction, they were approached by one of the losing bidders, who said their child had fallen in love with the cat during a viewing, and that they would pay £75,000 more than the winning bid as long as they included Tiffany as part of the deal.

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